Traditional Watercolour

Wednesdays 2 - 4.30 pm


A course designed for those who wish to learn traditional watercolour techniques.


There will be the optional opportunity to explore mixed media on occasion. This course is suitable for those with some experience of painting who wish to explore and develop their skills.

During this course students will be shown how to produce watercolour paintings in a variety of ways.

Different wash techniques, brush techniques, colour mixing and textural work will be covered.

A large variety of techniques will be demonstrated such as wet-on-wet, dry brush, glazing, use of rigger and hake brushes etc.

The use of watercolour additives, such as gum arabic and textural fluid will be shown. In addition, the course will cover various pen/wash and pencil/wash techniques.

Various resist techniques will also be demonstrated.
Optional mixed media opportunities will include the chance to add other media to watercolour, e.g. pastel, inks, gouache. In additional the use of Gesso and various texture pastes will be explored.

Subject matter will mainly be taken from the landscape, with students having the choice of working from still life or flowers if they wish.

Demonstrations of different techniques will be given at each class. Individual tuition will also be given.