Workshops are run by resident artists and internationally renowned artists. These are held regularly at East Devon Art Academy, Old Fore Street, Sidmouth EX10 8LS. 


During the Summer School, which runs in July and August, workshops and short courses will be held Monday - Saturday.


There is plenty of local accommodation in Sidmouth. Please see our accommodation page. For a full list of hotels and guest houses, please contact us. 



En plein air workshops benefit from our beautiful coastline, just three minutes' walk from the studio. 



Studio-based workshops are held in our light and spacious studio. The space is well equipped with studio easels, drawing boards etc. 




Below is our current list of forthcoming 2023 and 2024 workshops at EDAA.

Please contact us if you would like further details or to book. 


If a workshop is marked as full, it is always worth contacting us in case a place becomes available.  


Please bring your own paints, paper, canvasesand brushes, unless these are provided in that particular workshop.


Materials can be purchased at the art shop opposite us. South West Art Materials. 


Easles, drawing boards plus other studio items such as palettes, water pots etc. will be provided. 


Workshops run 10am to 4pm each day, unless stated otherwise. 





WORKSHOPS 2023 and 2024



Julie Dunster


Beyond en plein air…Changing the Mood of a Seascape.


7th &  8th October 2023                                                         


If you have some experience in painting in oils en plein air and want to find different ways to explore and develop your plein air studies in the studio, this workshop is for you! 

During this 2-day course we will combine gathering plein air information on Sidmouth beach with exploring composition, colour and value keys in the studio, shifting the mood of what we have painted outdoors to elicit different emotional responses to our work.

Whilst challenging, this workshop will be supportive, fun and focused on your artistic growth. 

Julie Dunster is a professional artist who regularly exhibits with many of the major esteemed societies at the Mall Galleries in London, including the Royal Society Marine Artists. A former winner of the Great Broadway Paint Off plein air competition, she is also an Education and Psychology graduate with extensive education experience. £160.


Please see her website for examples of her work.



Catherine Osbond.

Painting Flowers in Watercolour and Inks. 


Dates TBA.  

10 am – 4 pm



An exciting one-day workshop where you will experiment with different ways to applying watercolour and inks.

Various ways of creating texture and interesting effects will be demonstrated. Participants will have opportunity to play and experiment with techniques before applying them to create exciting and experimental paintings.

The workshop is suitable for all levels of experience.

There will be many tips and ideas given throughout the day to help you achieve success with your watercolour painting.

£50 for the day. All materials can be provided at an extra cost of £10. 



Catherine Osbond                Life Drawing and Painting in Mixed Media. 

Dates TBA.                     

An exciting two-day workshop using a combination of a traditional and contemporary approach to life drawing and painting. Creating different paint surfaces and an experimental approach using mixed media will be the focus of this workshop. £140 for two days. Includes life model costs. 




Catherine Osbond.


Sketching Techniques.

15th November.

10am to 1pm.



A half-day workshop where you will be introduced to various sketching techniques.


The use of pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, Intense pencils and other drawing materials will be shown.


Materials provided.


£30. 2 places left. 




Catherine Osbond.


Portrait Drawing. 


29th November 2023.


A one-day workshop where you will be introduced to portrait drawing.


Traditional techniques such as measuring, the use of line, space, tone, texture and how to create form will be covered.






Catherine Osbond. Drawing for Beginners.

24th January, 7th & 28th February 2024. 


A series of three half-day workshops where you will be introduced to traditional drawing techniques.


You will learn about the use of line, tone, texture and how to create form.


Various pencil techniques will be shown.


The use of different pencils and other drawing materials will be covered.


 £75 for all three half-day workshops. Materials included. 







Tom Stevenson ROI SWAc


8th & 9th February 2024. 



Finding a composition and building a painting


The workshop will be about the process of creating a studio painting. Tom will talk students through the steps that he follows and together you will use small paint studies, drawings and photographs to build a larger studio painting. The aim will be to build something that keeps the ‘freshness’ of plein air but at the same time is more complete and considered.


Tom Stevenson ROI SWAc is based in Devon where he works from life to create paintings that follow a path between figurative and abstract styles to explain the light and colour of his surroundings. 

In his paintings Tom relies upon the uncontrollability of oil as a medium to build a fresh and organic surface. He works from life and is drawn to subjects such as the coast, figures and the dramatic skies seen over the surrounding countryside.  

His work is underpinned by strong composition and is often constructed around a simple compositional idea or collection of colours which form the starting point and focus of the painting.

Tom is an elected member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters (ROI) and an Academician of the South West Academy (SWAc). He studied at Plymouth College of Art and Design, Bath School of Art and holds a degree in Fine Art from Exeter College of Art and Design. 


£160 for the two days. 



Catherine Osbond.


Watercolour for Beginners.

23rd February 2024. 


A one-day workshop designed for beginners and improvers. 

Various wash techniques,

brush techniques, textural techniques, resist techniques and simple colour mixing will all be covered.  




Peter James




29th February and 1st March 2024. 


In this 2-day workshop, we will be learning the tools and techniques required to create a pamphlet stitch notebook and a hard cover sketchbook/journal with a decorative cover.  Once these skills have been practiced, it can open up a multitude of projects.


This workshop will cover:

  • The tools used for creating books
  • Create a unique, abstract cover sheet.
  • Make a pamphlet stitch notebook.
  • Prepare paper into folded sections and introducing a technique to create a rustic torn edge.
  • Sew sections to create a book block.
  • Reinforce the spine using glue and mull.
  • Construct case and spine with grey board, book cloth and coversheet.
  • Assemble book block and case/spine to complete the sketch book/journal.


No experience is required.

All materials will be provided. 

£140 for the two days.






James Tatum SWAc. 


The Landscape as Power and Emotion. 

2nd & 3rd March 2024.  


This workshop is designed to show students how to use a 3-step process to produce more powerful, exciting and coherent landscape paintings. 

Learn how to use the basic tools of structure, composition, space, tone and colour.  







Jake Winkle.




6th , 7th & 8th March 2024.




Learn how to paint in watercolour with this 

well-known and popular artist.


£80 per day. 


More details to come.


Chris Forsey RI.


Expressive Mixed Media Landscapes.


11th to 13th March 2024.  


A chance to learn from this well-known artist. Create expressive landscapes in water-based mixed media on this three day workshop. 


Chris works in acrylic, mixed media and watercolour, on paper and canvas, using unusual tools and techniques to produce textures of broken and glazed layers in his loose, representational paintings. He works quickly after careful planning of content, composition and colour and he hopes to exploit the serendipitous effects of water-based media to create exciting, spontaneous work.



Catherine Osbond.


Acrylic Painting for Beginners

and Improvers.

15th March 2024.


A one-day workshop where you will be introduced to acrylic painting.


You will learn how versatile this medium is. You will be shown various ways to apply acrylic in a painting, including brushwork and palette knife work.


The use of glazing will also be covered.


The use of tone and colour will also be covered.


£60.     Materials provided. 



Hester Berry.


Landscapes in Oils.


21st & 22nd March 2024.


This oil painting course is suitable for all levels, from very new painters to more advanced students. We will discuss the work of past and current artists, watch a demonstration and have plenty of time for practical making!


Each student's individual needs will be met.                        

We will look at: sketchbook use, tonal observation and studies, colour mixing and applying oil paint using a variety of marks to create movement and expression.


By the end of the course, you will have some sketches, some charcoal studies and at least one finished painting.



£180 for two days. 







Julie Dunster.


Painting the Valley of a Million Bulbs.


23rd and 24th March 2024.


The legacy of Sidmouth visitor Keith Owens enabled the local community association to follow his instructions to "Think big, plant a million bulbs. Get everyone involved."

Now the town of Sidmouth is carpeted with daffodils in spring.

If you have some experience in painting en plein air and want to immerse yourself in this amazing spectacle, this workshop with plein air and studio artist Julie Dunster is for you!

During this 2 day course we will combine painting swathes of daffodils outdoors, against the dramatic backdrop of the jurassic coast, along with painting daffodils from life closer up, in the studio.
How do I mix the right colour? How do I paint yellow in shadow? How do I get yellow to recede in the landscape? How do I suggest detail rather than paint a million daffodils? How do I choose the best composition? We will explore these questions and more, in a supportive and fun way.


Julie will be teaching with traditional oil paints, but if you are confident using another medium you will be just as welcome.

A reasonable level of fitness is necessary for this workshop.







Paula Dunn.

Atmospheric Landscapes in Oil and Cold Wax. 

12th April 2024.


In this 1-day course we will be working with oil paints and a medium called cold wax to create paintings with depth and atmosphere. Paula will share with you her techniques for creating atmospheric landscapes and dramatic skies with transparent colours and blending techniques using squeegees, palette knives and brushes.


The workshop will include information about techniques, as well as demonstrations and plenty of time for practice. You will be amazed by what you can create in just one day!


What will be covered?

  • Introduction to using cold wax medium with oils
  • Introduction to the tools
  • Working wet-on-wet
  • Using transparent and opaque colours
  • Creating textures and lines using a variety of tools and techniques
  • Incorporating pigments and other loose powders into your work
  • Blending techniques
  • Understanding drying times


Do I have the experience?

Whether you are a professional artist or haven’t picked up a paint brush since school, absolutely no experience of painting or of working in oils needed. Just come prepared to have fun and to experiment.


What shall I bring with me?

All materials and use of tools are covered in the price of the workshop. Aprons are available but if you have your own apron or shirt you prefer to wear and don’t mind getting splashed with paint then do bring that with you.



Some information about me


The weather and its impact on the landscape plays a significant part in my work. 

I like to play with combinations of colours, textures, and expressive marks to create mood, atmosphere, drama. At times my landscapes are almost abstracted

I first started using cold wax with oils 5 years ago when I was trying to loosen up my work. I was lucky enough to attend a 10 day residential in Ireland which enabled me immerse myself in incorporating cold wax into my practice and I haven’t looked back since. My work has changed from almost abstract landscapes and back to the more representational work you see in my God’s Own series and continues to evolve as I experiment with this lovely medium.

My paintings are in private collections around the world. My work has been featured in book designs and I am a contributing artist to the award winning Waymaking – an anthology of prose, poetry and artwork by women who are inspired by the landscape.


£80 for the day. Materials supplied.





David Webb.


Sketching and Painting in Watercolour.


17th to 19th April 2024.


A three-day course of sketching onsite and painting in the studio. Emphasis will be given to creating tonal sketches outdoors with a view to working them up into more finished watercolour paintings in the studio.


The workshop will also include composition, brush techniques, colour mixing with a limited palette, use of shape and tone, simplifying detail, how to build a painting in transparent washes.


This course would suit beginners and improvers and will include demonstrations. £220.





Catherine Osbond.        Landscapes in Oils. 

Aimed at Beginners and Improvers.

Dates TBA.   


A one-day workshop where you will be introduced to oil painting. You will learn various ways to apply paint, including impasto and glazing techniques.

Brush work and palette knife work will be covered. The stages of building a painting up and simple colour mixing will also be covered.


A good introduction if you are new to oils or need more guidance before joining another workshop later in the year.


Materials provided. £50. Materials supplied for an additional £10.



£50 for one day.





Catherine Osbond.                  Expressive Portraits in Oils.


Dates TBA. 


Learn how to create accurate and expressive portraits.


Day 1 will concentrate on using oil paint as glazes and stains to create a glow in portraiture. 


Day 2 will be looking at more traditional ways of using oil paint for portraits.

Use of colour, creating form and use of brushwork will be covered.


Designed for those with some experience who wish to develop their skills.

Demonstrations and individual tuition will be given.


£100 for two days. 




Liese Webley.


Abstract Painting.

25th & 26th April 2024.   


In this two-day workshop students will explore the world of abstraction and colour using the inspiration of the local coastline and environment as a starting point.                                 Students will strengthen their observational skills looking at what draws their attention through a range of exercises looking and recording what they see.         Use of composition, colour, pattern, line and shape will be considered and translated into an abstract painting




Melissa Wishart.


Painting the Sea.

Water, Waves and Light.


9th & 10th May 2024. 


Melissa Wishart is a professional painter, working mainly in oils and acrylics. Her approach is fairly loose and her method explorative. She has regular solo exhibitions and has exhibited with the Royal Society of Marine Artists in the Mall Galleries. Born in Bermuda, she has always had a great love for the sea, feeling the energy and movement of the sea and air are key and as a painter, she aims to keep that freshness in her work. Melissa enjoys encouraging and stimulating other peoples’ artistic interests and enthusiasm  


The Sea – Painting Water, Waves and Light 

Exploring the sea in different moods using techniques to capture the nature of light and water.


We will have a lot of fun using different tools such as large brushes, rags, palette knife and will introduce you to the catalyst silicon wedge which is quite liberating! The enriching world of building up layers, mark making, texture and how you put the paint on are explored.


Topics covered include palette and colour mixing.

£160 for two days. 


Melissa is renowned for her expressive seascapes.


Please see her website for examples of her work.



Steve Hall. 

Pastel Landscapes 

15th to 17th May 2024. 


I am delighted to add this new medium to my programme of courses for 2022. Following many years painting in watercolour, I now also paint in pastel and enjoy the vibrancy that this exciting new medium has to offer. I exhibit my work at the Bradford Gallery ( and, in addition, I am an Associate Artist for Unison Colour and have produced four pastel articles for the Artist magazine.


During this three day studio based course we will examine pastel application techniques, painting surfaces and complete a number of landscape paintings from photographic or sketch reference. The course is suitable for all levels and people wanting to try the medium for the first time are welcome as well as more experienced painters.

Following a half day introduction of materials and techniques we will get straight down to picture making and this will commence with a ‘paint along’ exercise followed by individual work. At the end of the three days it is intended that course members will be able to take away ideas and practices that will aid their progress with this medium.

£220 for three days.






Julie Dunster.


First Steps into En Plein Air Painting in Oils.


18th & 19th May 2024.


Take it outside!

So many famous painters, like Monet, Sorolla, and Sargeant all painted outdoors, from life as an essential part of their painting practice. With good reason!

It is challenging to paint from life in an ever changing landscape, rather than from static photographs, but undoubtedly it is the best way to capture accurate colour and tonal relationships, recognise edge differences, depict atmospheric perspective in action and find subjects you may not even have thought to paint.

Additionally painting “en plein air” is exhilarating, sometimes exhausting, and often emotive, but always memorable and mindful. It often leads to looser paintings and a greater understanding of the art of simplification. If you are ready for this challenge this course may be for you!

With tips and strategies to help you leapfrog many of the difficulties of plein air painting, this structured 2 day course with professional artist and tutor Julie Dunster, is for artists who are comfortable working with oils in the studio and want to take their first steps in painting outdoors, in the inspiring scenic town of Sidmouth.

Julie Dunsters plein air work is frequently shown at the Mall Galleries in London and in Devon galleries. With a degree in Education and Psychology, and experience in teaching and supporting children and adults, she offers an encouraging environment in which to explore plein air painting.

A reasonable level of fitness is necessary for this workshop.







Steve Hall.                                            Watercolour Landscapes.   

5th to 7th June 2024.


Learn from this popular and well-known watercolour artist. With a mixture of demonstrations, en plein air and studio work, Steve will guide you through the completion of two paintings per day.  


£220 for three days.



John Hoar.


Watercolour Fast and Free.


14th June 2024.


Learn from this internationally renowned watercolourist.


Fast and direct watercolour painting in the morning.


Watercolour with ink in the afternoon.


John Hoar is one of Britain’s best-known watercolourists who has had over 50 one man shows in England and Ireland.  His latest was in China in 2016, when he was invited to represent Britain at the 2nd Qindao International Watercolour Salon.

His work is represented in London by the Llewellyn-Alexander Gallery and in Devon by the Lantic Gallery, Tiverton.

John is well-known for his instructional DVDs – five of which have been produced by Town House Films – which aim to teach aspiring artists how to paint simple and vibrant watercolours.  He is an inspiring teacher, much in demand, who directs several residential courses both in Ireland and the UK and holds regular workshops at his home in South Molton, Devon. 





Melissa Wishart.


The Landscape. Working towards Semi-Abstraction.                             

20th & 21st June 2024.              




Using acrylics and/or oils, a chance to explore composition, colour and palette mixing.

Mark making, textures and the use of various tools will also be explored.


Using landscape references gleaned over the summer, we will delve deeper into the nature of landscapes by liberating ourselves from adhering to the strictly topographical to explore the meaning of landscape to us and the fundamental nature of our mediums. We will engage with the landscape in a way that will speak to our internal landscape and sense of well-being.

Through a guided process we will build from the geology, the responses of all our senses at the landscape site, the weather, the light and the human impact we perceive on the landscape past and present.

We will engage with the landscape.

Then, through a step-by-step guided process on day one we will establish compositions through different exercises and determine the palette. Then we will get 'in the zone' and paint, allowing happy accidents, use of different tools and layering. 

We aim to do a couple of paintings over the two days and several drawing and painting exercises to build up skills useful in semi-abstraction.


Melissa is a professional painter, working mainly in oils and acrylics. Her approach is fairly loose and her method explorative. She has regular solo exhibitions and has exhibited with the Royal Society of Marine Artists in the Mall Galleries. Born in Bermuda, she has always had a great love for the sea, feeling the energy and movement of the sea and air are key and as a painter, she aims to keep that freshness in her work. Melissa enjoys encouraging and stimulating other peoples’ artistic interests and enthusiasm. 





Richard Suckling.



'Expressive Landscape and Seascape Painting in Soft Pastel.'

26th, 27th & 28th  June 2024.


In this three-day workshop we will create bold contemporary paintings using soft pastels of both landscapes and seascapes.

Working from both small sketches and photographs we will cover composition, drawing, tone, colour and mark making.

Our aim will be to push the interpretation of the subject matter to create an expressive and personal finished painting.

We will use the various techniques available to the pastel artist and look at how versatile this wonderful medium can be for artists both in the studio and on location.


£220 for the three days. 



Roger Dellar ROI.   

Plein Air Painting in Oils. 


4th to 6th July 2024 


Paint landscapes in oils with this acclaimed artist.


Composition, colour

mixing, and paint handling will be dealt with as well as the importance of good brushwork.


£220 for three days. 





Richard Suckling.


"A Contemporary Approach to Flowers in Soft Pastel."

17th, 18th and 19th July 2024.


In this three day workshop , we will be tackling flowers with soft pastels with a bold and expressive approach.

We will look at drawing, tone, colour and markmaking as we work to create exciting floral pastel paintings.

We will not be limited to just the traditional still life of flowers, in a vase approach, but will also tackle this exciting subject matter in garden and landscape settings.

This workshop is suitable for all abilities and will encourage students to explore an imaginative and contemporary approach to this ever popular subject matter. 


£220 for the three days. 





Viktoria Prischedko




Late July 2024. 


Details to come.



Slawa Prischedko




Late July 2024. 


Details to come. 


Catherine Osbond.

Mixed Media Explored.            Summer 2024.                                 

 An exciting three-day workshop where you will have a chance to experiment with a wide range of materials. This is an experimental workshop where you will create interesting surfaces, try out different paint applications and use various combinations of materials in a wide variety of ways.

Composition, use of tone, colour and texture will be covered.

An expressive and experimental approach to land and seascape painting.               

£180 for three days. All materials supplied. 


Chris Forsey RI.


24th to 25th July 2024. 

Expressive Mixed Media Landscapes. 


A chance to learn from this well-known artist. Create expressive landscapes in water-based mixed media on this three day workshop. 


Chris works in acrylic, mixed media and watercolour, on paper and canvas, using unusual tools and techniques to produce textures of broken and glazed layers in his loose, representational paintings. He works quickly after careful planning of content, composition and colour and he hopes to exploit the serendipitous effects of water-based media to create exciting, spontaneous work.



Maria Rose AROI. 


Painting the Coast in Oils.

En plein air.               

2nd & 3rd  September 2024.


Maria will be leading a two day ‘plein air’ painting workshop, capturing the beauty of the East Devon coast, in a fresh and immediate way. Throughout the two days, you will learn the principles of ‘plein air’ painting, working outdoors from life. You will gain confidence to paint more freely within a shorter space of time, respond quickly, yet accurately, improve your colour mixing and application of oil paint.

You will also gain confidence in reacting more instinctively to create lively and fresh coastal paintings responding directly to nature.

This course will be best suited to those with some experience of oil painting looking to gain confidence in working outside. 





Claire McCall.


Impressionistic Oils.

October 2024.


'Create bold, light-filled impressionist paintings with palette knife and brush'


Get ready to take your art to the next level with this relaxed and informative 4 day workshop. We will be based in the studio with some outdoor sessions factored in for those who wish (weather permitting). Suitable for oils and acrylic painters. This workshop is best suited to intermediate artists but it's not necessary to have palette knife experience.


In this workshop, I will be sharing:


- How I approach composition and the capture of light in my paintings

- My colour palette and how to use a limited palette

- How to use tonal value to create depth and contrast

- How to create looser paintings and incorporate mark-making

- How to incorporate figures into a thickly painted scene

- Palette knife techniques and much more ....


The itinerary is flexible and will be based on students' needs.


Morning sessions will be spent working on techniques, composition and sketching. 

Afternoons may be spent completing paintings or painting en plein air. 








Julie Dunster.


Turning an en plein air Beast into a Studio Beauty. 


26th & 27th October 2024. 


Just in time for Halloween, will the ghosts of the summer’s plein air painting ‘failures’ haunt you as you move indoors for the winter months?  Or will you banish the beasts and turn them into beauties?

Join Julie Dunster in a 2 day studio based workshop using your own oil paintings (previously created outdoors) to learn the skill of critical evaluation, to identify what works and what doesn’t, and ways you can improve and transform lacklustre plein air oil paintings in the studio.

Become more confident in your own abilities to solve painting dilemmas so that you can continue to grow as an artist.







Stephie Butler ASWA. Wildlife Portraits in Watercolour and Liquid Charcoal. 

TBA 2024.


Learn how to paint animal portraits in watercolour and liquid charcoal with an impressionistic feel from this well-known artist. Stephie will share how to portray feelings and emotions in your work making it unique. 




Stephie Butler ASWA. Portraits in Watercolour and Liquid Charcoal. 

TBA 2024.


Learn how to paint portraits in watercolour and liquid charcoal with an impressionistic feel from this well-known artist. Stephie will share how to portray feelings and emotions in your work making it unique. 





Catherine Osbond.

Watercolour for Beginners/Improvers.

Autumn 2023.


Learn the fundamentals of watercolour painting in this one day workshop. 

Various washes, brush techniques, texural techniques, use of tone and colour will all be covered. 



Catherine Osbond.

Abstraction of the Human Form. Date TBA.


In this workshop we shall be looking at ways to create abstraction of figures. We shall study ways of simplifying images into a series of shapes that still suggest the form.

Some knowledge of figure drawing or painting would be useful.

Not suitable for beginners. 

Work will be from photos. 

£100 for two days. 

Hannah Twine.

Improve your Human & Animal Portraits.

Dates TBA

                                                                                         Classically trained artist Hannah 

Twine will be guiding you through

how to create sensitive and impactful portraits.  Suitable for all levels and designed to give confidence. Learn how to create realistic eyes, fur, hair & flesh tones with her 'less is more' approach and sight techniques used by the Old Masters. £180 for three days. Includes model fees.




Catherine Osbond.

Drawing for Beginners/Improvers.

Dates TBA. 

Learn the basics of drawing in this two day workshop.

Composition, use of shape, line, tone and texture will all be covered. 

£100 for two days. 


 Catherine Osbond.                     Pen and Wash techniques.

 Dates TBA.

Learn various techniques using pen, ink and wash. You will learn a variety of techniques to use with sketching and drawing landscapes. 

Traditional and exploratory techniques covered. 

£25 for a half day.


Catherine Osbond.                        Painting Flowers in Watercolour and Inks.

Dates TBA. 

A fun and exploratory workshop where you will learn several techniques using watercolour and inks, and Inktense pencils. Techniques can be used in a traditional or more experimental way.  

£50 for the day. 

David Poxon.




Dates TBA.  2025.


A fabulous opportunity to learn from this Master of watercolour. 


Book your place now!





David Poxon is an elected member of the prestigious R.I. (The Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours) and has served on the R.I. Council. He is also a signature member of N.W.S (The National watercolour society of America.

Over the years he has won many awards and accolades for the precision and craftsmanship of his paintings. He is the author of two books on drawing techniques and has contributed many articles to the Art Magazine press and has appeared in numerous art books.

 His new 188 page book Watercolour Heart & Soul is now published (ISBN 978-1-9098 13-38-0) to worldwide critical acclaim.

Painting in pure watercolour medium he uses a painstaking multi glazing technique, with sometimes up to 20 layers of transparent paint, each in turn delicately modulating the colours beneath. There is no white paint used at all in any of his works preferring instead to preserve areas of the natural paper. His paintings can take many weeks in the making. 


On this three-day course David will lead this workshop using a combination of demonstrations and studio work.

David will guide you through his techniques for creating exciting textural effects.

Individual tuition will also be given to help students to progress and improve their work. 


This course is aimed at students of all levels of experience.

£395 for the three days. 






We have many more exciting workshops to come in 2024.

If you would like to be notified of these, please contact us.