Workshops are run by resident artists and internationally renowned artists. These are held regularly at East Devon Art Academy, Old Fore Street, Sidmouth EX10 8LS. 


During the Summer School, which runs in July and August, workshops and short courses will be held Monday - Saturday.


There is plenty of local accommodation in Sidmouth. For a full list of hotels and guest houses, please contact us. 

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Please contact us for dates. 

Life Drawing.


Tutored sessions are also held.


Drop in untutored life drawing sessions are held regularly. Please contact us for details. 

£8 for

3 hours. £15 all day. 











20th & 21st April 2017.          

Sky, Sea, Land and Life!

Expressive Acrylics.


Glyn Macey

A chance to learn from the well-known Cornish artist Glyn Macey. Glyn is renowned for his colourful, expressive landscapes in acrylics. Please see his website for examples of his work.

£120 for two days.



4th & 5th May

Plein Air Painting in Oils.                

Roger Dellar ROI

Paint landscapes in oils with this acclaimed artist. Painting will be en-situ unless weather precludes. Composition, colour mixing and paint handling will be dealt with as well as the importance of good brushwork.


£120 for two days.

13th & 14th May 2017

Sketching Techniques in Pencil, Pen and Wash.


Paul Weaver.

Sketching is the perfect way of gathering ideas for possible painting subjects, exploring compositions as well as practicing and refining your drawing skills generally. This two day workshop will focus on developing confidence in sketching from observation using pencil techniques followed by sketching in pen, ink and watercolour. Subjects will include buildings, figures and the coastal landscape.


£95 for two days




8th, 9th & 10th June

Landscapes in Watercolour.


David Bellamy.  


Paint in watercolours with this popular and well-known artist. Painting will be a mix of en-situ studies and studio work.


£160 for three days.


Sat 17th June



Jo Turner

One day workshop on Uncials and their decorative forms.

This workshop is suitable for beginners and those with some experience of calligraphy.

The Uncial Hand dates back to the 5th century and is seen in manuscripts such as the Book of Kells. We will be using a broad edged nib, ink and gouache to create a small inscription.

25th & 26th July

Oil Painting


Matt Culmer

General painting using the medium of Oil. Covering everything from colour matching and mixing, composition, use of materials, brushes, mediums etc. Specialising in wet and wet technique using a loose impressionistic style.

Thursday 27th & Friday 28th July.

The Landscape as Power and Emotion.


James Tatum. 

This workshop is designed to show the students how to produce powerful, exciting, emotive and coherent landscape paintings.  You will learn how to use the basic tools of structure, composition, space, tone and colour in a 3 step process.

This workshop will be a mix of en plein air studies and studio work.


1st & 2nd August 2017 



Expressive Landscapes in Water-based Mixed Media.

Chris Forsey

Learn how to paint expressive land and seascapes in water-based mixed media with this well-known artist. 


£120 for two days. 



3rd & 4th August

Expressive Landscapes in Water-based Mixed Media.

Chris Forsey

Learn how to paint expressive land and seascapes in water-based mixed media with this well-known artist. 


£120 for two days.



14th & 15th August   

Drawing for Beginners. Favell Bevan-Arti 

A structured workshop for students who believe they will never be able to draw. A drawing course for beginners.

£110 for two days. 
16th August 


Favell Bevan-Arti 


A workshop introducing pastels as one of the most direct mediums used in applying colour. Fore beginners and intermediates.

21st August

Children's Animal and Human Drawing.

Hannah Twine. 

A confidence building workshop to help students draw animals and human subjects in a variety of mediums. £12 per session. 

22nd August

Improve your Potraits - Animal and Human. Hannah Twine

A friendly and informative workshop designed to help students get started and further improve their portraits.


23rd & 24th August

Soraya French. Mixed Media.

Painting Flowers and Beach Scenes with Figures.


A chance to learn from the well-known artist Soraya French.

Soraya is renowned for her colourful, expressive work in acrylics. She works from a wide variety of subject matter including flowers, people and landscapes.

£120 for two days.

2nd & 3rd September 

Stephie Butler ASWA.

Expressive Portraits in Watercolour.

Learn how to paint portraits in watercolour full of colour with an impressionistic feel from this well-known artist.             Stephie will share how to portray feelings and emotions in your work making it unique.


£120 for two days
Tuesday   5th Sept  Catherine Osbond Watercolour for Beginners. 

A chance to learn watercolour basics. Learn how to paint various washes, apply paint in various ways, brushwork, colour mixing and some texture techniques. Beginners and refreshers. 

Wednesday 6th Sept 

Catherine Osbond. 

Watercolour & Mixed Media



A chance to learn some exciting techniques using a multitude of applications, texture effects and various surfaces. Suitable for participants of the previous day. 

£40 per day. 
7th & 8th September 

Catherine Osbond.


Figure Drawing and Painting in Mixed Media. 

An exciting course using a wide range of materials and surfaces to use when drawing and painting from the life model. Watercolour, inks, acrylics, pastel and oils. 

Cost includes model fee. Materials supplied.

£85 for two days. 
11th & 12th September 

Hashim Akib.

Vibrant Acrylics

A chance to learn from the well-known artist Hashim Akib. Hashim is renowned for his colourful, expressive work in acrylics. He works from a wide varity of subject matter including landscapes, people and urban landscapes. 

£120 for two days.
4th - 6th October 2017

Francesco Fontana.




A three day workshop with the world renowned Italian artist Franceso Fontana. Described as an inspirational teacher this is a chance you may not wish to miss! Francesco will help you to think about your feelings on a subject as much as the mechanical process of painting. 


£295     for 3 days.   
12th -14th October

Laura Reiter.

Towards Abstraction - Colour, Texture and Pattern. Mixed Media.


This three day course will be an adventure in ixed media. From various starting points ranging from still life objects, landscape and imaginary beginnings students will be encouraged to be experimental and have fun with a variety of materials. These will include watercolours, acrylics, pastels, collage and simple printing.

£160 for three days. Includes some materials. 


2nd Nov 


Jake Winkle


Wild in Watercolour


Wild in Watercolour.  

A chance to learn from this well-known artists. Learn to paint bold, loose watercolours of wildlife. ​

9th Nov 

John Hoar 


Watercolour -Fast and Free


Learn how to paint in watercolour and ink & wash with this internationally renowned artist.







21st &       22nd April 2018

Paul Weaver.


Details to come.   
17th & 18th May

Gareth Edwards. Landscape Abstracted.

A contemporary approach to abstracted landscape painting. Psycho-spatial approach to fictive spaces.   
7th & 8th June

Jem Bowden.

Impressionistic Landscapes in


Produce evocative and dynamic paintings working both in the studio and en plein air. A mix of demonstrtaions, exercises, a little theory, step - by step and more 'solo' painting. Arrive energised and we will get a lot done!



July 2018


Amanda Hyatt.  

10th -12th July 2018

 Haidee-Jo Summers 

Impressionist Oils.                           

Details to come.


30th & 31st July 2018 

Chris Forsey

Expresssive Landscapes in Water-Based Mixed Media

Learn to paint expressive land and sescapes in water-based mixed media with this popular and well-known artist. 


Grahame Booth


13th & 14th Oct

Paul Weaver